Vegas Bomb Shot And Drink Recipe

If you would like to get your party going,Vegas  is the place for you. In Vegas ,Royal Flush was very popular. It was a whiskey cocktail that even those who do not like taking whiskey would make an exception. Some people liked to drink Royal Flush alongside an energy drink. Most preferably the energy drink would be the Red Bull. The mixture of the Red bull and Royal Flush is what is refereed to as Vegas Bomb. If would like to make a Vegas Bomb shot below are some tips and guidelines. 

The core ingredients for this Vegas Bomb Shot include Crown royal, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and Red Bull. You can try being experimental by purchasing a variety of ingredients. You will need a shot glass and one normal glass. Mix your Ice cubes  with the Red Bull so that it can enhance the combinations. Have a cocktail shake and use it to combine  peach snaps, cranberry juice, and coconut rum. Add ice cubes to the cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly to ensure even distribution. You can do this for about ten seconds. The mixture is then strained into the shot glasses .Take another galas that that you can fill with Red Bull and the shot glass. 

Serving of this  drink  is done by ensuring they big glass of Red bull and shot glass are served side by side. If you are looking to purchase The Vegas Bomb shot, look for a reputable that will serve it best. You can go to homepage online  and check out their ratings and choose what kind of services. You can also ask your friends and family do recommend quality hotels for this. Most hotels will promise to deliver the best only to end up disappointing you and you will feel like you lost your money. Choose a quality hotel whereby you get all your money’s worth. 

In case you go to one hotel and you do not like the Vegas bomb shot being  sold there, make sure you find the best hotel that will suit you. You can also go online and check for the prices and methods of payment that are allowed. Confirming this will assist you in choose a hotel that is fair and affordable in pricing. Read the reviews to know more about the services offered. If you enjoy drink the Vegas bomb shot ensure that you are drinking high quality. For more details on cocktails, click at